Top 5 Most Popular DApps To Follow In 2021

One of the biggest Blockchain development that we have seen in the Blockchain is decentralized application development. These applications are the same as the other mobile applications or web applications that we run, but the only difference is in the platform that is used for this. dApps or decentralized applications are the applications that run on a Blockchain platform. Hence, they are far more safe, secure, and fast in operations. In this blog, we are going to highlight five such popular decentralized applications that you must follow in the year 2021.

Popular dApps to follow in 2021

Chainlink- It offers a smart contract secured access to data feeds, payments and APIs. The success of this app can be deciphered from the fact that Google is testing this as an intermediary for BigQuery platform-as-a-service data warehouse.

This app ensures data feed security, whether it is being fed into the system or moved out. Chainlink uses the same consensus mechanism as Blockchain, and hence, it becomes difficult to penetrate or compromise with the system.

Brave- The app that we have for you is Brave, a blockchain-based digital advertising and services platform with around 9 million users. This app is trying to change the world of advertisement by putting the consumer at the forefront and giving them more power. This app creates a measured value in advertising. In this, the measured value is consumer attention which is used to set value rather than focusing on unverifiable views or clicks.

EOS Dynasty- Blockchain is finding wider application in the gaming segment. It is the first role-playing, player vs. player game that operates on the Blockchain platform. This game enables the player to create three heroes who fight the battle and gain experience. They grow their power by collecting materials, riding horses, tigers, or forging equipment. The game also offers Three Kingdom Tokens or TKTs to earn materials or profit in two marketplaces based on smart contracts.

MakerDAO- It is an Ethereum-based credit service. It supports Dai, whose value is pegged to the US Dollar. Any individual can use this app to open a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) and generate Dai as a debt against the collateral.

Trainyard- You can call it a consultant that resolves the problem with Supplier Information Management systems. It is a permissioned Blockchain-based network that ensures faster and better supplier validation and cycle information management.

It has also collaborated with IBM to launch Trust Your Supplier, Blockchain-based services. This can verify identities and track documents like a bank account, tax information, ISO certifications, and insurance certificates. This platform enables the butter to access the verified information about the supplier before signing a contract with them for the supply chain system. The ultimate goal is to create a seamless system of the supply chain.

These are a few of the applications of Blockchain that are finding use in our real life. In the times to come, we are going to witness a rise in the development and use of such applications.

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Blockchain enthusiast and cover everything that goes on in the crypto ecosystem. I love researching and producing technical content on blockchain.

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Smita Verma

Blockchain enthusiast and cover everything that goes on in the crypto ecosystem. I love researching and producing technical content on blockchain.