Should I learn IOT or Blockchain, which has a better future?

Smita Verma
3 min readAug 24, 2021


Both IoT and Blockchain are growing space and pioneering new job sectors on a global spectrum. Both the field needs individuals with excellent technical abilities as well as problem-solving skills. There is a good IoT and Blockchain training course available for those who want to make a career in the tech world. Let’s learn some aspects of Blockchain and IoT jobs. It will help you to decide whether you should learn Blockchain or IoT for a better future.

Points to know about Blockchain jobs

Blockchain developers are of two types:

Core Blockchain developer and Blockchain software developer. Both have different responsibilities. However, here are some basic requirements that blockchain-oriented employers look for:

● A good grip on other programming languages, especially Python, Java, C, and solidity.

● Blockchain job prospects handle the complete life progression of a Blockchain application. Meaning you will be liable for the analysis and execution of the application.

● Understanding of smart contracts, Blockchain best practices, concept, and network.

● Knowledge of cryptographic workings, hashing, block encryption process, etc. Find a good certified Blockchain expert to streamline your Blockchain learning.

Future of Blockchain

As indicated by a study, practically 11% of the organizations were keen on the reception of Blockchain technology or distributed ledger technology in recent years. The report states that by 2025 associations are probably going to take on new technologies. Thus, web-based businesses, big data, and cloud computing fill in as high needs as per recent trends. Also, there is an increase in demand for authentic Blockchain training courses among interested individuals.

Then again, there are great demands for the use of encryption. Thus, you can see that the future of Blockchain careers relies hugely upon the new digital development.

Points to know about IoT jobs

● Individuals with an IOT job need to acquire back-to-front information on programming to comprehend how it collects, stores and sends information at the server.

● One should be naturally curious about world problems where technology can deliver a solution.

● To complete an IOT project, a group of architects, website engineers, developers, UI/UX planners, and so forth work together. Accordingly, IOT job seekers need to foster soft skills. An excellent relational and communication abilities for intently working with every team member.

● The capacity to learn and apply the ideas by developing multidisciplinary abilities is the way into an influential career in Information of Things.

As per research, by 2023, the ten most impactful IOT skills will include, Artificial Intelligence, data broking, and Infonomics.

Future of IoT

The future of IoT can be boundless. Advances to the modern internet will speed up through improved network deftness, AI, and the ability to send, mechanize, arrange and secure different use cases quickly.

It does not simply empower billions of gadgets simultaneously but can streamline the gigantic volumes of important information, automating different business processes.

As networks and IoT platforms work to resolve business challenges by expanding capability, service providers and web-scale markets will connect to Information Technology, giving better revenue and career options in IoT.

What should you choose to learn?

As per the above information, you can see that both offer a good chance of career growth; however, it depends on your interest and willingness to learn the high-technical knowledge that both fields comprise. Only then can you perform better in whichever career path you choose.

Many IoT projects need a Blockchain network to streamline the intended processes. However, Blockchain also benefits from IoT applications.

In most of the scenarios, both go hand in hand, so it would be better to consult a certified Blockchain expert or IOT expert to make a better decision.

Closing thoughts

Whether you choose to learn Blockchain or IoT, remember that both need high discipline and dedication. Make sure you do proper research in both fields. Such as job scope, demand, salary, courses available, etc.

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