List differences between Blockchain Engineer and Blockchain Developer

Smita Verma
3 min readJul 30, 2021

Blockchain technology, a distributed ledger technology that now finds application across the different industrial segments, has become one of the most lucrative career opportunities. It has paved the way for several developments, and there is a need for expert Blockhain professionals across the industry. If you, too, are planning to make a prospective career growth that gets you good pay and opportunity of growth, then Blockchain is the right field for you. After successfully completing the Blockchain course, an individual has an opportunity to find a job as:

· Blockchain developer

· Blockchain architect

· Blockchain engineer

· Blockchain analyst

· Blockchain consultant and more

Although all these fields are highly proliferative and give you a chance to prosper professionally, two fields that have garnered the most attention in recent times are:

· Blockchain developer

· Blockchain engineer

For many of us, who are starting a career in Blockchain for the first time, it becomes important to know the different work profiles. Two of the prominent designations that we have are Blockchain developer and Blockchain engineer. Although both of them have to work on the Blockchain platform, there is a line of difference between the two. Here we are going to discuss the KRAs of both.

Blockchain Developer

In simple words, Blockchain developers work on Blockchains. But again there job is divided into two different segments

· Core Blockchain developer- They are majorly involved in developing the security and the architecture of the Blockchain system.

· Soft Blockchain developer- They are involved in developing the foundation for other developments.

besides, there are some generic responsibilities that the Blockchain developer share:

· Development of smart contracts

· Development of decentralized applications

· Developing the front end designs as per the requirement of the client

· Designing the network and architecture

Blockchain developer salary — The average salary of a Blockchain developer is $154,550 per annum.

Blockchain Engineer- They provide their expertise to data firms and technology consulting firms. Besides, they have an important role to play in making a strong network. As a Blockchain engineer, you are required to:

· Develop and implement the assets

· Setting the Blockchain infrastructure

· they work on platforms like Hyperledger and Ethereum

· They must ensure that all the applications are secured and free from any data breach or threats.

The average salary of a Blockchain engineer is $107,510. Now, this may vary based on your qualification, experience and expertise.

The growth of Blockchain technology is very much evident, and its expansion is paving the way for a new set of opportunities. Experts in Blockchain hold a good prospect of making a big mark in this field. To become proficient in this technology, one must have expertise in a programming language, understand the network, and use the concepts to frame a strong Blockchain architecture. With a good certification program, one can easily find themselves standing in a strong position.

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