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4 min readOct 4, 2021

Standing firm against many difficulties during 2020, this year has been a period of progress and development for the NOIA network. As the network toward some significant achievements, it needs to make the most of this chance to realign the brand with its innovative vision. Moreover, convey that vision more openly and transparently.

In this article, we will learn about the Syntropy and NOIA Token, and a few details on NOIA cryptocurrency trading.

Need of Syntropy in the Internet Space

Formerly known as NOIA, Syntropy uses blockchain technology to offer data-sharing services. It aims to create a trustless “new internet.” The internet in its present structure does not provide adequate privacy and is trust-based and provider-driven. Moreover, the information security provision is typically an agreement from third-party sources. Hence, a single failure from third parties can impact its entire performance. The functionality of the internet needs exceptional enhancements in numerous areas.

A detailed description of Syntropy

Syntropy is basically an open-source and decentralized network connecting project that employs blockchain to resolve several connectivity issues. Also, Syntropy benefits the internet by giving cutting-edge technological support for connectivity. Further, this project empowers nodes to share bandwidth and take part in the novel economy of data and a worldwide initiative to improve the internet.

Additionally, the network expects to tackle the issues with the internet in its present structure by upgrading privacy, making it safer to use. Furthermore, this task additionally develops execution, quality, and asset usage. In addition to this, through governance, the platform empowers accountability and delivers a financial system that makes the network’s decentralized internet framework much better.

Moreover, its working ecosystem provides a user-centric approach with its permission-less, trust-less system. With its end-to-end information encryption, it is bringing in a new internet. In Syntropy, users are the main driver of the network. It uses the NPoS consensus system, which enables validators to partake in consensus effectively.

Moreover, each user in its network is viable to receive the robust quality of connectivity.

Further, it allows blockchain developer to build and run networks with the help of YAML and APIs configuration files.

Aside from these, it also lets users formulate connections with encryption without any need to deal with VPNs and complicated setups. Hence, the process of creating, supervising, and scaling becomes easy to understand. Due to the low degrees of latency, it smooths out the process of protecting and delivering apps. You can opt for cryptocurrency classes to understand network trading better.

Understanding the NOIA Token

It is an inherited utility token of the Syntropy network. The prime role of the NOIA token is to streamline transactions and safeguard connections across the network. Additionally, this token exhibits the aggregate value of data that’s in use throughout the web3 network. This value is helpful in deciding financial rewards for validators for their network participation. In fact, any kind of connection or data transaction over a Syntropy network needs a NOIA token.

Use Cases of NOIA Token

Furthermore, this token is a crucial aspect of the Syntropy network’s trustless feature. Here are the four most prominent use cases of NOIA token:

● It streamlines the effective conduction of encrypted connections.

● NOIA token is the means to carry out exchanges regarding selling and buying bandwidth across the Syntropy network.

● NOIA essentially plays a role in the proper storage of data. Also, it takes care of any modifications that the system needs in its configuration.

● Furthermore, the routing of data takes place throughout the Syntropy network with the help of the NOIA token.

Apart from these essential use cases, Syntrop is also using the substrate for implementing the Polkadot network. By doing so, it will enable eligible NOIA token holders in the network to start a validator node.

Hence, NOIA token holders help secure the network and help deserving validators earn some rewards for their service. Currently, the storage of NOIA tokens takes place in ERC-20 smart contracts. However, with the launch of the Polkadot network, these token stakes will be sent to the mainnet of the Syntropy. Hence, it allows token holders to be a part of the consensus and elect validators. With a good understanding of exchange platforms functionality, you can make a career as a cryptocurrency developer.

Numerous crypto exchanges accept NOIA tokens. In fact, some of the famous names include Bancor and Uniswap. As per data, NOIA token exchanges have a value of 0.40 dollars at writing, and their current market cap value is around 194.7 million dollars.

Closing Thoughts

Decentralization is spreading through various blockchain-based platforms. It is a new technology that aims to offer the public full control over their finances. Also, it is working towards offering quick and secured transactions across the globe. Platforms like Syntrop are actively putting their contributions into making this idea come true.

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