Blockchain Developer Salary: What Do They Really Earn?

Smita Verma
3 min readJul 8, 2021

What do you know about blockchain technology? If you’ve ever heard or read anything about Bitcoin, you’re probably aware of its existence. If you just have a rudimentary understanding of blockchain, you’re going to learn a lot more. If you’ve heard of blockchain, you should investigate why blockchain developer salary is skyrocketing.

What Is Blockchain

Blockchain was created in 2008 as a way to power Bitcoin, which was released a year later in 2009. A “block” is a way of permanently preserving data, similar to a page in a ledger, that cannot be changed or removed once generated. It is maintained by members of the online community known as “miners,” and it becomes a “Blockchain” when joined with other blocks.

Businesses and organizations are quickly embracing blockchain technology as a secure way to store sensitive data. Miners on Blockchain are compensated in Bitcoin for their work. Anyone may become a miner if they have the appropriate tools and the time to devote to the task.

The Different Types of Blockchain Developers and Their Roles

There are two types of blockchain developers: those who work on the technology and those who work on the business side of things.

The architecture and security of a blockchain system are designed by core blockchain engineers.

To construct decentralized applications (dapps) and web applications, as well as smart contracts, blockchain software developers leverage the core web foundation and architecture developed by the core developer.

Blockchain Developer Salary Based on Country

As the demand for blockchain engineers and developers continues to rise, blockchain developer salaries are skyrocketing throughout the world. According to CNBC, blockchain developers may earn a salary similar to that of artificial intelligence (AI) developers, which is a lot of money!

Here is some blockchain engineer salary in various parts of the world. Keep in mind that these statistics might vary depending on geographic region, firm size, demand surges, and other variables.

In India, the average yearly pay for a blockchain engineer is over ₹460K.

A blockchain developer’s average yearly income in the United States is above $96K.

A blockchain developer’s average yearly income in the United Kingdom is approximately £68,000.

A blockchain developer’s average yearly income in Singapore is about S$95,865.

In Canada, the average yearly compensation for a blockchain engineer is CAD 95,000.

In Germany, a blockchain developer’s yearly compensation varies from $60K to $150K.

In Switzerland, the average yearly compensation for a blockchain engineer is USD 180,000.

Salary of a Blockchain Developer Experience and skill-wise

Junior blockchain engineers are usually given more supporting or foundational tasks. Debugging and mending mobile apps, building blockchain database application programming interfaces (API), and even managing user interface (UI) design and front-end development of online and mobile applications are all activities that fall under this category. Consider them to be entry-level programmers, interns, or helpers.

As a result, their salaries are on the lower end of the scale, yet even the starting salary is rather generous! A junior blockchain engineer in the United States, for example, earns an annual average income of $120,748 according to ZipRecruiter. A Blockchain developer, on the other hand, may earn over $150K per year with the proper experience and abilities.

Wrapping up

How to become a blockchain developer, you wonder? Well, it’s simple: enroll in a course. Even if you’re already working as a blockchain engineer, you may always upgrade your skills and increase your earning potential. Blockchain technology is gaining traction in a variety of sectors. The folks that thrive and climb the corporate ladder are those who plan ahead and remain up to date on current technology. So go ahead and enroll in the certified blockchain developer ethereum today to become a cutting-edge developer!



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