A Comprehensive Supply Chain Management Strategy Guide

When running a business, don’t forget to strategize supply chain management (SCM). However, some businesses don’t require the need to create SCM strategies. Businesses dealing with customers, vendors, and distributors can be benefited by implementing Supply chain management strategies. The most efficient and effective Push And Pull Supply Chain Management Strategy for huge industries and corporations such as Walmart and Amazon. All the major companies to small companies depend upon the SCM. By including blockchain technology in your supply chain management will increase the potential in your business. Most importantly, the blockchain platform increases the transparency in the end-to-end tracking of the product.

A good strategy can transform the business to achieve an advantage amongst the competitors for targeting the market. Push and pull strategy is one of the significant operational tasks which is considered by almost every company for the obtainment of steady workflow in the manufacturing, inventory, sales, and purchasing sectors. Now let us know more about Supply Chain Management and its strategies in detail.

Knowing Supply Chain Management

Handling the whole production flow of the good or service is known as Supply Chain Management. Wondering, how does supply chain management operate? When a company builds a network of suppliers, then the product is moved from the supplier to the companies which are dealing with the users directly. In simple words, the fundamental role of SCM is to obtain raw materials, and then product development is done. Soon after that, actions like marketing, operations, distribution, finance, and customer service are processed. Mainly SCM is designed to increase the entire value of the product or service.

Supply chain management includes -

  1. Planning
  2. Sourcing
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Delivery and logistics
  5. Returning

Importance of Supply Chain Management Strategies

Implying SCM strategies into your business may increase the workflow and maintain the system of your company. Also, it helps in dealing with product vendors and distributors. Having a Push and Pull strategy in Supply Chain Management for your business will make your work easy in making any decision at different stages of the supply chain. Also, it helps in boosting productivity and improves the performance of the overall business. Now let us understand in more detail what Push and pull strategy offers to your SCM-

● Provides Ease in making decisions

● Gives a clear idea about selecting the location for the different type of functioning.

● Identifies the major and minor problems in any stage of work

● Helps in planning inventory and transportation and collecting required information from the sources.

Push and Pull Supply Chain Management Strategy

As the name implies, the Push and Pull strategies have been implemented in different business cases and implemented as per the customer’s requirements. As we know, different types of organizations have different structures, requirements, customer demand, etc. However, the main goal is to achieve more satisfying customer experiences. This strategy, when involved in the SCM, comes with adaptability as per customer needs and focusing on the future goals as well. Now let’s learn about this strategy in detail.

Push/Pull Strategies

Initially, all the supply chain management strategies are a combination of two. The push system of the SCM is coordinated with the Pull system of the SCM as they both have to utilize the features of each modal of SCM to get the best outcomes. For instant, when the winter season is about to come and we know this has to happen. Then, we try to push the stock of winter into the store’s shelves and wait for the customer to pull a product. So basically, pull and push work simultaneously. So manufacturers choose to establish the inventories of the raw material having high demand in the future.

Benefits of blockchain in Supply Chain Management

Using blockchain technology in the SCM increases the administrative process like recording process, data, location, quality, etc. Suppose these basic details are not recorded or maintained. It harpers the business. The vast technology of blockchain makes it possible to increase the traceability and transparency of the material supply chain by enhancing the overall position of the organization.

Major benefits include-

● Improving visibility and traceability

● Reduces paperwork

● Reduces administrative cost

● Lower losses from gray market

To learn more about supply chain management and blockchain certification, you can have the extensive knowledge required for becoming a blockchain developer from the blockchain council. Also, you can have multiple online supply chains and blockchain online training and have the best experience in exploring the field of blockchain.



Blockchain enthusiast and cover everything that goes on in the crypto ecosystem. I love researching and producing technical content on blockchain.

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Smita Verma

Blockchain enthusiast and cover everything that goes on in the crypto ecosystem. I love researching and producing technical content on blockchain.